The Reptiles

I bring a range of reptiles to all events. Expect around seven animals for private events, and more (to allow rotation) at large public events! 

Animals I might bring include:

  • A HUGE Carpet Python, Groot
  • A HUGE Black-headed Python, Shine
  • A HUGE Olive Python, Kimberley
  • A big beautiful Woma Python, Glow
  • Two adorable Stimson’s Pythons, Ekans and Arboc
  • 2-3 beautiful Bobtails
  • 1-2 Stunning Barking Geckos, Pluto and Jupiter (display only)

*Exact reptiles brought cannot be guaranteed, as their welfare must come first. Outings are not always appropriate for reptiles e.g. during shedding periods

Amy Wild Adventures