Amy Wild
See the story of this photo on YouTube – Amy Wild Advevntures 9: Crocodile Capturing!


  • Bachelor of Biological Sciences with first class Honours

  • Current Senior First Aid

  • Working With Children Check

  • Police Clearance 

  • Regulation 16 License to display wildlife for educational purposes

  • Regulation 17 License to relocate reptiles

  • Full insurance for reptile displays

  • 4x COVID Vaccinations as of August 2022

  • Years working as fauna consultant handling wild reptiles 

  • 9+ years working as a kids entertainer and as a wildlife tour guide



I have always been based in the area of Perth, WA.
Growing up, all I knew was that I wanted to work with animals, preferably wild ones. If I wasn’t drawing or reading about them, I was in the bush actively looking for them. After completing a biology degree with first class Honours in 2010, I spent a couple of years in fauna consulting where I continued to develop a strong knowledge of Western Australia’s reptilian life and wildlife at large. But little did I know my journey had scarcely begun.
A thirst for wild adventure saw me spend my earnings on a big 4wd and embark on a solo expedition around and through Australia between 2011 and 2012. Eventually I had to come home though, and a period of quietness in the mining industry pressed me to try other wildlife-related work, including several roles as a research assistant, lab demonstrator and field supervisor for different universities. At this point my quest for a meaningful wildlife-oriented career had truly begun; but it was not to be easy. Cuts to science work saw me explore my more creative side, developing a website for my art and photography amywild.com.au and taking up casual jobs in face painting, artist assisting (painting for Robert Boris Turpin) as well as wildlife tour guiding at Karakamia Sanctuary for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). These jobs reminded me of my passion for people, performance and ultimately, education. Further career research and contemplation eventually led me to start producing mini wildlife ‘documentaries’ on YouTube: Amy Wild Adventures. I began a PhD in 2014, but a back injury which prevented extended sitting, plus a revaluation of my mental capacity to sit at a quiet desk all day, saw me give it up to pursue a more physically and socially active career.
I had decided that being a wildlife presenter on screen would be the most fulfilling career I could imagine. Nevertheless, a recognition that this would be a long and uncertain road to success encouraged me to take the opportunity when it presented itself: bringing my love of snakes to people’s doors! 
My passion for reptiles, education and performance drive me to excel and pass on the most pertinent information in the safest and most fun manner possible – while keeping it entertaining! As well as continuing with my YouTube channel, I also remain a face painter & balloon twister, wildlife tour guide and local venomous snake relocator; with odd jobs as a fauna consultant thrown in too! As hectic as it is, I wouldn’t have life any other way.
I hope to see you soon!!

Amy Wild Adventures logo

P.S: I am also a dog trainer and walker! Check out happydogswalksandtraining.com

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