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More than just education; you’ll have stacks of fun with Amy and her Reptiles! Amy can also provide Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Games with prizes, Colouring In, and/or a Photo Shoot!

Kailie's party march '17-17

Prices start at $175 for 1 hour (face paints/balloons only). Text or email to arrange your personalised package!


Package Choices Include:

  • Basic Reptile Party: Totally catered to age and knowledge; meet and discover my reptiles, enjoy safe, supervised handling opportunities for everyone from ages 5+. Younger people may touch snakes with parental supervision
  • Face Painting: One of the best & most diverse painters in Perth
  • Balloon Twisting: Amazing balloon art, twisting animals and all sorts
  • Games: Reptile themed or not, it’s your choice! Prizes included!
  • Photo Shoot: For a small extra fee I can bring my high quality camera and tripod and arrange individual (up to fifteen) or group photos! Images can be distributed via private internet link, or posted via USB
  • Colouring in: Activity for all ages. Choose your favourite reptile! This activity can be as simple or as educational as you want it to be 🙂

Prices vary according to services selected and time attended. For parties please know in advance approximately how many people will attend so we can arrange the best session possible!

Gallery 1: Face Paints and Balloons

Gallery 2: Reptile Parties

Meet me before I arrive!

To learn more about our amazing Australian wildlife, or just to get a sense of who you’re inviting to your door, check out my little wildlife adventures on YouTube Here!

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2 thoughts on “PARTY”

  1. Hi
    I would love some more information on your reptile birthday parties please.
    What animals do you bring?
    How many children can attend the party
    What are the costs of the additional services and do you perform those yourself or you bring people with you?
    Many thanks


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