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Reptile education
Snakes are amazing!


Invite Amy to educate, inspire and excite your students!

At your school, after putting her pretty pythons on display Amy will begin with a little snake awareness talk, covering snake anatomy, behaviour and physiology (and the close link between the two); as well as safety around wild snakes and first aid. Of course all of this will be accompanied by live demonstration!

Then the fun bit – every student may have a hold or pat the animals (under Amy’s supervision – extent of handling depends on number of students).

A colouring in activity is also available – in which kids can put what they’ve learnt on paper, both colours and information about their favourite reptile!

Handouts and powerpoint presentation may also be included upon request.





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Note: Amy Wild has been relaunched with many new reptiles. The Black-headed Pythons and Womas pictured are no longer available (for now!)